Children of a Way, Way, Way Lesser God

The Trump Delusion

“It’s Baltimore, gentlemen; The Gods will not save you!”
Deputy Commissioner Burrell, The Wire

The Guardian in a 2015 review of North Korea described the cult of personality that we see as the core belief structure imposed on the North Korean people. “In a vision redolent of his father, Kim was presented wearing a miniature uniform of the Korean People’s Army, the documentary emphasizing his pistol marksmanship at the ripe age of three and his mastery of seven languages … Kim discovered new geographical features … when he was in his teens, and was a scholar of the achievements of famous generals from around the world.

The message here is clear. Like his father and grandfather before him, Kim Jong-un has been blessed from childhood with a precocious intellect, messianic destiny, and a readiness to advance the revolution at the barrel of a gun…. North Koreans are people, and they aren’t stupid. In the North Korean system, you have to praise Kim and sing hymns about him and take it seriously, even if you think it’s only a narrative. That’s the block, you see? It’s not that people are brainwashed and think he’s God. These are things that people know, but that they don’t dare to challenge.”

Interesting that the People of the DPRK have enough wherewithal to hold onto to their own beliefs, observations and principles, while pretending to pay homage and maintain the Cult of Personality charade. Could it be their minds are freer that the radical supporters of the current White House occupant? Could it be that the synchronized clapping, cheering and marching are just well rehearsed survival mechanisms. Could it be that they see through the smoke of the non-stop “Leader as God” narrative, and are just faking it? Wow, what courage they must have. What character to be so oppressed, so threatened, yet keep your values, principles, integrity.

We continue to witness the “Leader as God” Cult of personality here in America, and while I never would have believed Americans would so freely give up their character to a Cult leader, I unfortunately get to witness it every day now. Just over a year ago, this was unfathomable.

It is clear now, that the party that wraps themselves in symbols, has no utility for those symbols but the cover they provide. It has been obvious for decades that the GOP soaks themselves in religion in order to dupe unsuspecting, un-discerning voters to support them. Anyone with minimal sensory input is aware of the party that dubbed themselves “The Party of Family Values”, disgustingly has carried that emblem like a Miss America Sash draped over a shoulder while staining and defiling the “Family Values” declaration. Newt Gingrich famously wore that same sash while vilifying President Clinton for his extramarital activities, all while engaged in them himself and expressing his “Family Values” daily. Newt perfected a new weapon in political discourse that is closer to a form of projectile vomiting than it is to speech. Make up anything that can be used as a hateful, anger filled vomit source and project. Use the media(which you also vilify), as your amplifier, and transmit your hate and lies farther and farther. Apparently hate sells. Lies sell. Slander sells. Spewed defamation is nearly hypnotic. Keep the secret cloth of the flag, or cross or badge nearby for cover, and you can projectile lie any way you like. You can deceive people, dupe people, play them for fools, and if you give them enough hate, and someone to look down on, boy you can hypnotize them to be soldiers in your army. Turns out Newt was just the warm up act.

Trump, a man famous for his unfounded hyperbole, gets my acknowledgement on this one feat; He is by far the most voracious, compulsive, serial liar America has ever seen. His full throated proclamations don’t make any sense most of the time. The famous Corey Lewandowksi quote of not taking him literally but seriously is a laughable line. The fact that the right wing media handlers were able to convince people that somehow no matter how nonsensical, moronic, non-reality based or outright fraudulent Trump’s statements were, that we shouldn’t listen to them but follow his yellow brick road of hate anyway is nearly an outright miracle on ice of disturbed human nature. The symphony of hate, fault and blame he spewed was enrolling to people willing to join the hate and blame parade.

The Cult of Personality is really a cult of “Blame others for my circumstances”. There is a constant sub-text of, “as long as he hates, and hurts the people I feel inferior to, he gets my support”. It sickens me when someone thinks bluster is anything but a whimper. Real leaders don’t engage in boyhood activity so childish and ontologically gross. Real men and women wouldn’t allow the smallest inkling of support or endorsement of it. The character dissolution that one must undergo to enter this cult of personality is utterly amazing. The fear and anxiety that one must feel inside to deny their integrity and give their country over to a dimwitted, serial liar is incomprehensible. Unfortunately for America, a cult built on hate, lies, fraud, and denigration is a very poor foundation to operate from.

We see how easily this man can be manipulated as he was in China, Japan, and the Philippines. We see how quick he is to debase the US intelligence agencies in favor of a hostile Russian invader. To watch him debase himself and the country by claiming China gave him the Red Carpet Plus treatment while getting only adulation in return was heartbreaking. He then blamed former Presidents for the trade imbalance in a set of statements that would be more at home in a fifth grade schoolyard recess, than a world stage. This Cult of Personality God looks very lame as far as Gods, or even incompetent people go. The only promise he won’t renege on is his self-adulation. To watch him dupe his followers over and over is depressing. He used hate propaganda to convince his followers to give up trying to find meaning or expectation in his words or promises. He convinced them educating themselves or having exposure to information was for the elites and not for them. Trump along with the radical GOP in congress has effectively held back their base, and fleeced them in the process. His followers lay in wait ready to attack his detractors like Montagnard Armies in the hills. We simply are trying to tell them that they count. That their thoughts, character, morals, integrity, and development all count. We beg them to break the spell of the “Way, way, way Lesser God” in Trump who has made fools of them. Who never would look out for them. That lured them with breadcrumbs of hate, and used them. Time for us all to break this spell. Time for us to stop allowing this debasement of our country, and free the supporters that were duped into supporting him. Time to take responsibility for our country and stop playing into this propagandistic cult. The Country is not built around Kings, Dictators or Cult Figures. Time to remember the framework of our constitution that our Forefathers provided for us to grow, develop, and thrive.

Don’t wait till we’re forced to pretend we believe the whimsical fantasy narrative like the North Koreans must. We have the capacity to restore integrity and stop this charade!

Break free from the Trump Delusion!

We deserve Gods and a Country that will, in fact, save us!

— V. M. Smith

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